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iMemories provides a unique service for preserving and sharing your memories captured in pictures, films, and videos.  After iMemories has digitized your pictures and films, you will go online and organize them, add titles, and music or a story line.  iMemories can produce a CD or DVD for you, or you may simply view them online at your convenience from your account.  Storage is free but making it available to others costs $4.99 per month.   You can grant friends and family the access code so they too can enjoy the show.  You may watch them together with others or give a DVD as a gift.

iMemories: What makes it different?

iMemories will:

  • Store your uploaded photos
  • Digitize your pictures and films
  • Create a CD or DVD
  • Make your memories available online
  • Return your originals
  • Provide quotes in advance

The value of keeping your memories available and safe is incalculable. Most importantly, there is no other company currently offering this package.

iMemories vs. primary competitors (sites similar to iMemories)

New Day Memories converts home movies, audio tape, records, and pictres to digital media.  New Day Memories is a television production company.  They do not store or make your media available on the computer.  New Day seems to be much more expensive than iMemories.  iMemories charges shipping for return of your original media, and there may be other costs that are described on the site.  When you receive your quote from iMemories you will be able to evaluate the total cost more acurately.

You can use a scanner and digitize your own photos.  The advantage of using experts is that they may be able to improve the image.  The film conversions are not something you can manage at home.  Adding labels and music are probably too complicated for most of us, too.  Using a scanner may cause damage to photos because of the exposure to the light required to get a good copy. 

Be careful about who you commission to digitize your precious memories.  Pinay Mommy Online advertized a 10% discount, however, the coupon expired on July 31, 2010, and the site gave no details about her expertise or qualifications. 

Brandx was highly critical of iMemories because to the contract the customer signs to allow the company “agents and subcontractors a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, publish, copy, modify, transmit, display and distribute your Submissions for the sole purpose of delivering the Service.”  He assumed the company used pictures and videos for promotions and this was the reason iMemories advertised a lower rate on their services.  The company responded to this criticism: “iMemories requires these rights to display your content on our Website - for viewing and sharing. All leading video and photo sharing sites have the same legal language. iMemories does not use customer content for promotional purposes without their consent.”

iMemories: Product images & screenshots
iMemories Coupons
iMemories: Detailed review

iMemories is simple to use because they do most of the work.  You will:

  • Create a free account
  • Order a shipping kit.  The kit is priced by size.  Pack your pictures, films and videos and send them to iMemories.
  • iMemories will bar code all items and make them available online for you to edit, organize, and add labels.
  • You may view and enjoy the results at your convenience.
  • Organize and approve the contents of your movie.
  • Buy a CD or DVD or make it available for friends and family on the computer

iMemories returns your originals to you.  Preserving pictures and, more importantly, memories is getting harder for most of us.  Lack of storage space combined with environmental damage to pictures and films means that valuable family artifacts and historical images may be lost forever.

JNymeyer said:  I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative. Can't wait to use iMemories in the future.
Entrepreneur Magazine found iMemories to one of the 100 best companies in 2009 with a “brilliant idea.”

All shipping is done through FedEx because iMemories believes they are the most reliable company available.  

iMemories pricing is easy to understand and estimate.  You may call phone for more information.

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