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GoPhoto offers a great service for people with a cupboard full of old photographs, negatives and slides. They allow you to scan in your pictures and they will turn them into digital images for you. You keep and pay for the ones you want and the rest are disregarded and not included in your bill. They are relatively new company as they only launched their site in 2010. Although their services are based entirely online and is available globally, the company was founded in San Francisco. They offer the following services:

Their service is a simple three step procedure which involves the following three stages:

In addition to these services, the site offers a number of other products. These include:

The site is really ease to use with clear instruction and pricing, meaning that there is no confusion for customers. Information about the company is easily accessible.

gophoto: What makes it different?

There are many sites that offer similar photographic services. However, this site has a number of key features that set it apart form the rest. Here are a few of the key differentiating features of this site:

  • No Upfront cost- you pay for nothing until your photos have been completed and you have selected the ones that you want to keep.
  • No hidden fees- You only pay for the photos that you want to keep. The prices are clearly stated and you will incur no further fees.
  • Lowest price US scanning- they claim to be the lowest priced company that offer this service in the US.
  • Free online gallery- you can keep all your photos together in a gallery and there is no fee for this service.
  • No overseas shipping- regardless of where you live, there is no shipping so they promise that your photos are safe.
  • The no-risk promise- GoPhoto promise that your photographs are at no risk while they are working on the images.
  • FAQ- they have an extensive FAQ section to help you with any queries that you may have.
  • Quick turnaround- GoPhoto claim that your photos will be ready to share in as little as two weeks.
  • It’s easy- while some sites allow you to edit your own photos so that they are blemish free, on GoPhoto the work is done for you.
gophoto vs. primary competitors (sites similar to gophoto)

GoPhoto has many competitors in the photographic services market. Two of its leading rivals are MyPublisher and Jablum. Although there are similarities between the sites, there are also many differences. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of MyPublisher and Jalbum in comparison to GoPhoto.

Pros of Jalbum

  • Integrates your photos with your website or your blog.
  • Allows presentations of photographs.
  • They have their own blog for like-minded people who are interested in photography.

Cons of Jalbum

  • This is more for people with a serious interest in photography.
  • Much more complex that GoPhoto and requires more interaction from the customer, although to many people this is an advantage.
  • They do not offer storage of photographs in their packages.

Pros of MyPublisher

  • Allows customers to edit their own photographs to make designs.
  • Customers can personalize a wide range of gifts with their photos on this site.
  • Excellent customer service.

Cons of MyPublisher

  • No online storage.
  • A much more complex site than GoPhoto.
  • Do not simply convert photos to digital. Photos have to be applied to one of their products.
gophoto: Pricing & packages

The pricing at GoPhoto is uncomplicated, clearly stated and means that a customer knows what they will be paying for when they have selected their photos. The pricing goes as follows:

  • Scan to digitals cost $0.44.
  • Negative to digital costs $0.44.
  • Slide to digital cost $0.44.
  • Video to DVD costs $19.95.

Other points to consider about the pricing at GoPhoto are:

  • You only pay for the photographs that you want.
  • Storage of images is free on an online gallery with no limit to the number of photographs that you can store.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • You receive a free DVD of your images.
  • Prices are set regardless of the condition of the originals and the amount of touching up that will be required.

In comparison, Jalbum do things rather differently. You have to pay for storage and you also have to pay for the application of the software to edit the images yourself, even though the software only costs between $2-$8 per month.

gophoto: Product images & screenshots
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gophoto: Customer reviews & comments

GoPhoto has a whole section of their site devoted to testimonials from satisfied customers. A sample of the reviews that are given are as follows:

“I had no qualms about forking over the final bill for the conversion of my photos to digital format after viewing them. The quality was fantastic! And the trip down memory lane, priceless! Thank you Go Photo!”

“GoPhoto truly takes great care of our photos and I love being able to finally see what’s been hidden in my shoebox for years!”

“Not only has GoPhoto helped us get out from under a mountain of old photos, negatives and slides, they did it all with excellent customer service. I strongly recommend their services.”

Other than the feedback given on their own website, it is very difficult to find any reviews at all about GoPhoto anywhere else on the web, meaning that it is difficult to build an unbiased opinion of the site.

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