Top 10 Photo Scanning Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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ScanCafe will take your old photographs and videos and scan them for you. As we all know old photographs can fade, get scratches, tear and worst of all get lost while old videos can decay or break. The scanning services they sell include: Transfers your videos to DVD. Photo restoration. They can... read more >
ScanFlurry provides top quality scans to residential and commercial customers They provide password protected online albums They can restore old VHS tapes so that you can see all of the video They have the latest and best scanning equipment which provides you with a top quality end product The... read more >
iMemories converts photos, videos, slides and other types of footage to a digital format so they can be enjoyed for years to come. iMemories can fix up and restore old photos and footage and put it on DVD, Blu-ray or online so it can be enjoyed over and over again, and shared with family and friends... read more > is based on the principle of providing an excellent photography experience coupled with an emphasis on the ease of use. The idea of the company is to combine the physical aspect of digitizing old family memories with today's instantaneous sharing technologies. Their first and foremost go... read more >
Photo Scanning Q&A Threads
instead of scouring through the negatives and shipping them back to be rescanned into TIFF? I mean, I thought the whole purpose of this system was so I wouldnt have to scour through thousands of negatives and hold each one up to some kind of light to see what I liked.
Asked by donne schlessinger 56 months ago in | 0 answers